Feeding our troops, boosting their spirits

Pizzas. Falafels. Soups. Love.

IDF Soldiers in their Barracks



What We Do

Feeding our Troops. Boosting their Spirits.

Since 2002, Pizza IDF has been working side by side with IDF soldiers, ensuring that they feel the support, gratitude, and appreciation of fellow Israeli citizens and supporters of Israel around the world.

We have committed ourselves to the service of our soldiers, making sure that they constantly feel the strong popular support to motivate them in the performance of their duties.

Our Menu

Yummy. Healthy. Kosher.

The food we serve at Pizza IDF is healthy, delicious, and most importantly, kosher. We work closely with local shops across the country to fill our orders, thus helping drive mom-and-pop shops across the State of Israel.

Pizzas & Sodas

As our name suggests, Pizzas & Sodas are our mainstay dish and available for delivery all across Israel all-year round. You can order pizzas & sodas fit for a small patrol or for a large company of soldiers.

Seasonal Offers

In addition to our pizza and falafel menu, we have other products that are fit for a certain season or Jewish holiday. From sweet jelly doughnuts during Hanukkah to healthy soups during winter, Pizza IDF ensures diverse options for you and for the men and women of the IDF.


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