A Great Initiative Born Out of Tragedy

Pizza IDF began in 2002 as a morale-boosting initiative set up as the Israeli Defense Forces launched one of its largest military offensives during the Second Intifada. It traces its roots from the Mishloah Manoth Project of Menachem Kuchar that’s been an ongoing support drive for IDF soldiers since the 90’s. Elisha and Tanya Kuchar, Menachem's son and daughter-in-law, took over the initiative's operations in 2012.

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Boosting Troop Morale Since 2002

Since then, Pizza IDF has been delivering pizzas and other treats to IDF soldiers, making sure that soldiers are kept in good company by the food offering of their fellow citizens and supporters. Over the years, we have added other tasty treats in our menu, mostly in line with events in the Jewish calendar: jelly donuts for Hanukkah, honey cake for Rosh HaShana, and, of course, Mishloah Manoth for Purim which we have been doing since the 90's.


It's More Than Just Giving Pizzas

Receiving these pizzas and other special treats evokes a powerful feeling among those in the IDF's service; it's way beyond simply getting a box of pizza in an often lonely post. What we give to them is our deepest thanks and gratitude for the service they render on behalf of the people of State of Israel. And the giving of these treats evokes just as much joy to us at Pizza IDF and the volunteers who join us in our distribution efforts. The simple act of affirming their sacrifice by giving pizzas and other snacks brings them enormous joy; the act of giving them these gifts gives us the same warm feeling.