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IS Claims Responsibility Over Hadera Attack

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The Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility over the attack in the northern Israeli city of Hadera last night, killing two Israeli Border Police officers and injuring many others. This is the second time IS has claimed an attack inside Israel since 2017.

he two gunmen, widely identified in Israeli media as cousins Ayman and Ibrahim Ighbariah of Umm-al-Fahm, opened fire at an arriving bus on Samuel Herbert Road in Hadera last night. Both men were gunned down by Israeli Police. The men were armed with more than a thousand bullets, at least three handguns, and knives.

Interior Security Minister Omer Barlev said in an interview that Israel could be seeing an ‘alarming awakening’, and that police will be deployed in all areas.

The attack coincided with a landmark gathering of the foreign ministers of the US, Israel, UAE, Morocco, Bahrain, and Egypt in Negev. All participating ministers condemned the attack.

Terrorist organizations Hamas and Palestinian Jihad Group celebrated the terrorist attack, saying that the attack was a ‘natural response’ to the Negev Summit, which they dubbed “the Summit of Humiliation”.

Earlier this month, a string of terrorist attacks dawneds upon Israel. About a week ago, a knife attack in the city of Be’er Sheva killed 4 innocent people. Knife attacks in Ras-al-Amud and Hebron Road injured two police officers and a civilian.

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