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What is Tu Bi'Shvat?

This weekend, Jews all around the world will celebrate Tu Bi'Shvat, also known as the 'New Year of the Trees'. Its observance starts at sunset of the 16th of January. In the State of Israel, Tu Bi'Shvat is celebrated as the country's ecological awareness day and Arbor Day, a day devoted to raise awareness about the environment, and is marked by eating produce and plating trees.

Rabbis of the Talmud established 4 new years in the Jewish calendar, one of which is Tu Bi'Shvat. Rabbis of old explained their decision by saying that the 15th of Shevat falls after mid-winter, which means that all rain of the time have fallen, thus making the soil healthy and ready for planting trees and other crops. Kabbalists gave the observance higher spiritual significance by parallelizing seeds of fruits to the Divine Spark that is present in all. Kabbalists would eat fruits and other crops associated with Israel as a symbol of releasing the Divine Spark.

In the modern State of Israel, Tu Bi'Shvat is celebrated as Ann Arbor Day and Ecological Awareness Day. Various organizations across the country commemorate it by planting trees and raising relevant environmental issues that affect the country. Families across Israel dine together (Seder Tu Bi'Shvat) and eat the yields of the land after saying a blessing to thank G-d for the bountiful harvest.

Pizza IDF is one with the Jewish World in this celebration, and we are offering fruit platters for our IDF soldiers stationed all across Israel. Starting at $20.00 for a fruit platter for a patrol, we want to make our beloved troops part of this amazing Jewish celebration.

Visit the Pizza IDF Shop and pick from the variety of Tu Bi'Shvat treats we have for our beloved IDF soldiers. Don't forget to add a pizza to your order!


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