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What is Purim Katan (Little Purim)?

"Our joy is increased when the Hebrew month of Adar arrives."

We all know about the high Holiday of Purim, and the beautiful story of Queen Esther's role in the saving of Jews in Persia. Every year, we hear the compelling narrative of this event and celebrate by wearing funny costumes, and giving Mishloach Manot in commemoration.

But once every few years, we get to celebrate Purim twice, as we follow the Lunar Calendar in accordance with the Torah. And as we add months to certain years to keep the Jewish Year in sync with the seasons, there are years (like this year) when Purim is celebrated twice. First, Little Purim celebrated in Adar Adar I, and Purim in Adar II.

Unlike the main celebration of Purim, Little Purim does not carry the obligations of fasting and reciting penitential prayers. But the act of giving is encouraged, and those who give more than that required by Jewish Law is deemed praiseworthy.

As we near the great Holiday of Purim, Pizza IDF looks at its roots. In the 90's, our Founder, Menachem Kuchar, initiated the "Mishloach Manot Project", where he handed members of the Israel Defense Forces gift baskets during Purim. This year, after 2 decades of love and service to the IDF, we are offering our Purim Mishloach Manot again. This time, we want to distribute 5,000 Mishloach Manot to Israeli soldiers.

You can choose to donate a Mishloach Manot for 1 soldier for as low as US$30.00, or to 90 soldiers for US$ 1,800.00. Visit our shop to look at our full Purim offers.

We wish you all a joyful month of Adar!


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